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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Importance of Regularly Visiting Your Dentist in Green Bay

Your smile is probably the most unique and appealing assets you have. However, having a good smile depends on maintaining a good level of oral hygiene, and that includes seeing your dentist in Green Bay on a regular basis. Some may think visits to the dentist are only for children, or when they are experiencing pain in their teeth or mouth. However, the recommendation for children to go see a dentist in Green Bay twice a year applies to adults as well – even the lucky ones who are fortunate enough to have straight teeth and a natural resistance to tooth decay.

Visits to your dentist in Green Bay serve many different purposes. Among the most simple and straightforward reason for a visit is to allow for regular checkups and teeth cleaning. Such visits can do wonders for preventing oral health problems, as well as other health issues. If you don't usually go to a dentist but feel that you are doing a good job maintaining your teeth on your own, think again. Although a person may brush twice a day and floss daily, the instruments used by a dentist are far more comprehensive than conventional methods. Crevices in your teeth that you cannot reach to clean can easily invite conditions such as excessive plaque, tartar, and tooth decay, not to mention teeth yellowing, especially among smokers and coffee drinkers.

There are many benefits that can come from seeing a dentist twice a year. Genetics that result in tooth decay can often be overcome by using products recommended by your dental office like Xylitol to reduce cavities. Oral cancer exams, tooth whitening, porcelain crowns, bridges, veneers, and even tooth replacement with dental implants can have great impact on one’s quality of life.

But perhaps the most important reason to see your dentist in Green Bay is to monitor for periodontal disease (gum disease). Having periodontal disease isn't just about the inconvenience of bleeding gums: it has also been found to contribute to pregnancy complications, respiratory diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Visiting your dentist in Green Bay twice a year won't guarantee that you'll never experience tooth pain, but that extra maintenance of your oral health care can certainly make an important contribution not only to a winning smile, but to your overall health.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Green Bay Dentists Provide Patients with Thorough Cleanings and Education to Prevent Tooth Decay

Although it is common knowledge that regular teeth cleanings can help prevent tooth decay, people often procrastinate when it comes to making their dental hygiene appointment because of their busy schedules or general fear of the dentist. Here at The Center for Dental Excellence we provide patients with the most thorough, painless cleanings technology can offer as well as strive to educate patients on proper dental hygiene practices such as keeping their regular cleaning appointments. 

One of the biggest ways we separate ourselves from other Green Bay dentists is how far we go to provide our patients with highest quality dental care. During routine exams our dentist and dental staff check the overall health of our patients' teeth and gums by performing diagnostic digital x-rays, oral cancer screenings, gum disease evaluations and checking for any tooth decay or problems with pre-existing tooth restorations such as fillings and crowns. Once these exams have been completed, our dental staff will provide patients with a fluoride treatment to keep their teeth strong and to prevent tooth decay. They will also seal off any deep grooves in patients' teeth with a thin, plastic sealant. Sealing off these deep grooves will help stop cavities that normally form deep down in the grooves of teeth. Finally, the skilled dental hygienists here at The Center for Dental Excellence will painlessly remove tartar and plaque as well as polish teeth to give patients a sparkling clean smile.  

Besides the cleanings we provide here in our offices we also try to educate our patients on proper dental hygiene techniques they can perform at home. We educate our patients on how they can properly brush their teeth, floss and use other oral hygiene adjuncts so that they can keep their teeth clean and healthy between professional cleanings. Our dental staffs are happy to answer any questions or concerns patients may have to ensure that they are fully satisfied with their experience.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Regular Dental Checks Are Important for Health

A Green Bay dentist such as myself at the Center for Dental Excellence is an oral health care professional. You may not want to see a dentist when your mouth starts hurting, but doing so may save you unnecessary pain, money, and even more serious health issues. Slight sensitivities can be treated quickly and easily before they become truly painful.

Dentists do more than fix tooth decay, though that is an important aspect of being a dentist. A Green Bay dentist is your mouth care specialist; keeping your teeth, gums and mouth in good shape starts with preventative care.

Dental professionals from the Center for Dental Excellence check your teeth and mouth for discoloration, decay, misalignment, infection, fractures, and other problems. The dentist knows that problems in the mouth can signal more serious disease in the body and can cause worsening of one’s condition. For this reason alone, it is important to schedule regular check-ups with us.

Regular tooth care does more than find problems before they become big ones that are expensive and difficult to repair. The condition of the teeth are presented every time a person smiles. A person cannot hide the state of the teeth, and while many people insist they don’t show their teeth when they smile for a photo, it is unlikely that one can laugh without showing their teeth.  While no one should be judged on first impressions, the state of a person's teeth does say something about the person.  They may not have very good hygiene or they simply don't care about their appearance. Decayed or misaligned teeth can also be painful and embarrassing. Speech and even one’s ability to chew efficiently can be negatively affected.

We take care of that smile. Decay can be fixed, teeth straightened and missing teeth replaced. The resulting smile gives you confidence to face the world with a bright, fresh new smile. New confidence can make a difference in every facet of life, and most importantly allow you to enjoy one of life’s most basic pleasures:  eating.

Regular dental visits also include x-rays, so the dentist can see within the structure of the teeth and jaws to make sure no problems go undetected. Small problems can be caught and fixed before they become large ones.

A regular check also includes an oral cancer screening, gum health screening, cleaning of the teeth, oral hygiene instruction, and even photos of teeth with concerns if applicable.  Best of all, you leave with clean teeth and fresh breath.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How We Separate Ourselves from Other Green Bay Dentists

Here at The Center for Dental Excellence we understand that people nowadays have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of different dental offices for their oral health needs. Although the internet and mobile devices make it easier for people to find these different dentists, it can also make their decision as to which one to visit more difficult. That is why we work so hard to separate ourselves from other Green Bay dentists and to show our patients that we can provide them with high-quality dental services that no other dentist can.

 One the biggest ways we stand out from other Green Bay dentists is that we hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence in personalized dental care. Our dedicated dentist plans detailed dental treatments that cater to the specific needs of our patients as well as uses the latest in cosmetic dentistry technology to ensure effective results. Whether it is something as simple as teeth whitening, or something more complicated like restoring missing teeth with a fixed bridge or implant crown, we are compassionate and gentle with our patients so that they can have the most pleasant experience possible during their visit. Even when there is a dental emergency, patients can be assured that our staff will be available to see and treat them as soon as possible.

Another way we rise above other dental offices in the area is that our staff is comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals who make patients' safety and satisfaction their top concerns. In order to provide our patients with the newest and most effective dental practices we are continuously training our staff as well as attending dental lectures, meetings and conventions to stay informed about state-of-the-art dental care. We also strictly maintain sterilization and cross contamination processes and exceed the standards outlined by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) by using barriers to prevent the spread of infection at our office. We want our patients to feel at ease knowing that they are in the highly trained hands of some of the best Green Bay dentists in the area.


Monday, May 14, 2012

How the Center for Dental Excellence Provides its Patients with Painless Dentistry

Here at The Center for Dental Excellence, our patients' satisfaction is of the up most importance to us so we make the extra effort to comfort them and provide them with the results they want. We understand that going to the dentist, whether it is for a routine cleaning or for a more intensive procedure, can be a nerve-wracking experience for people which is why we offer painless dentistry for our patients. With new advancements in technology along with our professional staff's commitment to making patients feel comfortable and relaxed, we hope to make our patients' experiences more enjoyable as we work to give them a beautiful, dazzling smile. 

 One of the tools that we use in our painless dentistry procedures is called the Wand™. The Wand™ is a computer controlled anesthetic delivery system for dental injections. With this tool patients receive an anesthetic injection that is slow, steady and completely painless. Since the anesthetic delivery is controlled by a computer, it is painless compared to the old fashioned syringe which may sting the patient if it is injected too fast. Another specialized tool we use to ensure our patients a relaxed and comfortable visit is called the X-Tip™. This device is used to inject anesthetic around hard-to-numb teeth without causing the patient discomfort. Finally, we also frequently use a unique topical gel to pre-numb soft tissue in the patient's mouth. This gel allows our hygienists to properly work on and thoroughly clean a patient's mouth without causing them pain. 

If you are interested in any of our painless dentistry procedures please contact us today at (920) 662-1440 or send us an email at


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Finding a Green Bay Dentist

One of the main aspects of a great first impression is a healthy and bright smile. It is important to keep one’s smile in good health in order to exude confidence and avoid painful dental problems.  Some people tend to put off going to a Green Bay dentist but this is not a good idea. Going to the dentist just twice a year at regularly scheduled times is the best way to make sure the mouth and teeth are in good health.

It is easier to take preventative measures for dental care and to catch problems early rather than to resolve problems when they get out of hand. Often times catching a problem early means just a quick repair for less time and money. If the problem escalates even for a single tooth, as in the case of a small decay that grows and hits the nerve, fixing it could be as much as ten to fifteen times as costly, not to mention the additional appointments it will require. Coming to the dentist two times a year for a short checkup and cleaning allows for any oral problems to be detected and fixed before they become more major issues.

In addition to checking for problems a Green Bay dentist can also do a thorough cleaning of the teeth twice a year. The type of buildup that accumulates on the teeth can only be removed by a dentist or hygienist and cannot be removed by the regular daily brushing of the teeth. For this reason it is important to come to the Green Bay dentist to have it removed with professional hygiene instruments. Periodontal disease can be caused by tartar build up in and on the teeth and around the gums. This tartar builds up over time and can lead to problems if it is not removed by the hygienist. This tartar build up on the teeth can be quickly and easily removed by the dentist just twice a year will greatly reduce the risk for gum problems and tooth decay.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Visiting a Dentist in Green Bay: "Do I Have to Go?"

How important is it to have your teeth cleaned and inspected? Is visiting a dentist in Green Bay really something that you need to do twice a year? The answer is a definite “yes”. Even if your teeth seem to be in perfect condition, visiting The Center for Dental Excellence every six months is one of the best things you can do to maintain good oral health.

Visiting the dentist twice a year might seem like a lot of expense, especially without dental insurance, but a twice-yearly checkup can save you money in the long run. Going to the dentist not only helps you to resolve dental problems before they become a disaster, but it can even prevent problems from the start. What could turn into a painful issue resulting in hundreds or even thousands of dollars of repair costs work might be remedied with something as simple as a small filling if noticed early.

While you may brush and floss every day, it is impossible to get rid of all the tarter that builds up on your teeth without a professional cleaning. Tarter is a hard substance that not only discolors the teeth, but also causes gum disease and cavities by making it hard to keep teeth clean. Tarter can only be removed by a dental hygienist. Visiting The Center for Dental Excellence every six months removes the build-up, giving you not only a whiter smile, but also healthier teeth and gums.

We are proud to serve as your go-to dentist in Green Bay, so give us a call today to set up an appointment. The next time you find yourself groaning about a dentist appointment, don’t cancel. Instead, take a deep breath and realize that you’re doing the best thing for your teeth and for your overall health.